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Taiace Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (Taiace) was incorporated in 1996. Since 2004, it began evolving from being purely a sheet metal manufacturer to a company that pioneers Green Technology solutions. Taiace owns and operates from its headquarters spread across 2.14 acres of land at an Industrial park in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. The company additionally has a presence in Indonesia with the establishment of a second manufacturing facility in Chikarang, under PT Taiace.

Industry : Industrial

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

Established in 1996, Taiace Engineering is a manufacturer of SIM (Site Infrastructure Module), a storage product for keeping IT and telecommunication equipment cool and safe. 
Taiace’s product was developed to help customers reduce cost on space rental and energy bills. 
The company designs the SIM according to the customer’s requirements and has eventually expanded its technology usage to reduce energy bills in buildings by developing a system called GreenTE Solutions. 
Now Taiace is introducing GreenTE Solutions to the Malaysian government to help reduce electricity bills and also carbon emissions – in line with the government’s commitment to reduce 40% of Malaysia’s carbon emission by the year 2020.						


Smart storage solutions



In these challenging economic times, businesses are constantly looking for smart, effective ways to reduce their capital and operational expenses in order to stay competitive and profitable. One of the ways to save a great deal of money, is by ensuring that expensive information technology (IT) and telecom equipment is always safe and in working order.

Noting this crucial need, Taiace Engineering created storage products that would allow businesses to save on cost and on space. The Site Infrastructure Module (SIM) was designed to greatly reduce cost on space rental for IT and telecom equipment. SIM products also allow customers to save at least 40% on their energy bills.

Taiace’s SIMs is nothing if not versatile. Compact yet spacious, there is more than enough room for storage but customers get to enjoy saving at least 60% of space compared to normal storage solutions. In addition, the products boast a modular design, which is easy and quick to handle, fix and dismantle. These handy devices don’t require the construction of a dedicated server room, which certainly goes a long way in saving even more on cost.

Although Taiace’s SIMs is factory assembled and tested, each one can be easily customised to fit a customer’s detailed specifications and particular needs. Aside from that, the SIMS comes with some truly impressive features. Among them is a “brain” or control centre that not only makes the SIM smart, but enables it to reduce electricity consumption, cool itself effectively, as well as monitor and communicate remotely.

To date, Taiace’s products are not just confined to storage solutions. The company is also involved in the Green Industry. Their Green Technology (GreenTE) solutions have been proven to significantly reduce not just energy bills but carbon emissions as well. In fact, the combination of multiple technologies under their GreenTE solutions banner has enabled Taiace to decrease energy consumption by more than 15% at any of its customer facilities.

Both the SIM and GreenTE Solutions can be utilised in a wide range of industries, including telecom, IT, banking and power distribution. At present, Taiace has procured a whole list of satisfied clients including Celcom, Telekom Malaysia, PT Bakrie Telekom Indonesia, the Malaysian Ministry Of Higher Education, Emerson Network Power and Dongah Elecom Korea. Although they have many local and international competitors, Taiace has managed to stay ahead thanks to their core competency that begins in the design stages and continues right up to the final product.  At present, Taiace is the only company in Malaysia that offers total product solutions with design flexibility.

For Taiace, the years of hard work and hard won experience have certainly paid off. They confirmed the book order for SIM remains around RM15million per year and is expected to reach RM20 million by 2013. Since the initial launch of GreenTE Solutions, Taiace has secured business worth RM32 million, which is expected to double over the next 2 years. The company’s GreenTE Solutions is the first system to have ever been selected for an energy performance contract by the Malaysian government. By helping to implement their GreenTE Solutions across the nation, Taiace is contributing to the government’s commitment to reduce 40% of the country’s carbon emissions by year 2020.

With these accomplishments propelling them forward, Taiace’s vision is to continue developing products that cater to the unique and evolving needs of the markets that need them most including telecommunications and IT, the Malaysian government and government-linked companies.

The ability to provide top notch products to a niche market where design flexibility and a short development period are crucial means that Taiace will be well ahead of the competition in the foreseeable future.