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Industry : Greentech

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

Obular Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in October 2008 and is a rising enterprise with diverse and global interests in the design and engineering industries.
The company would like to be known in the industry as a solution provider in all aspects of green building and construction. 
Its mission is to invest in the future of construction and hope it will open doors for innovation and technology development. In the coming year they hope to have at least RM 5 millon worth of projects						


MIST - The Lego block of green buildings



Obular Sdn. Bhd. created a prototype called the Modular Integrated Structure or in short MIST, in the midst of the Berjaya Hills Resort, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang.  A prefabricated industrial building system, it consists of post and beam assembly.

As Obular’s founder said,” MIST technology has always been in the market. But Obular may be the first to physically apply this technology in the industry.” Hence, their focus on R&D and on the prototype which took them2 years to complete. 

As in any given technology, Obular sees MIST as a learning process and rather than be content and sit on their laurels, they continue to improve on their product.

For its initial foray, MIST is targeted to be used in the tourism industry.  The system creates a low impact easy to assemble housing system and can save 10-15% of wastage when compared to a typical construction. It also can be deployed in 2 months when compared to brick and mortar solutions which can take 4-6 months.  This would only mean the developers and customers will receive their return of investment sooner while doing their bit to be  green.