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Nadi-Ayu started as a manufacturer of computing devices for the domestic market but it has since made significant progress in diversifying its business into a web- based edutainment network for children. Apart from Natsys™ devices, their primary product is Morrieland™, an online interactive community for children to learn the English Language in a more familiar and engaging platform. At Morrieland™, they engage children in creative ways to assist them in picking up the language through interactive story books, fun mini toons, interactive games, rewarding online contest and exciting downloadable content including testing their comprehension of the language via its songs, wallpapers and other offline activities.

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Our Core Product(s) / Solution

Nadi-Ayu Technologies Sdn.Bhd, was established in 1991. Formerly known as Nadi-Ayu, the company’s business revolves around marketing and advertising, until early 2000, when it started to venture into ICT, just as the ICT revolution began in Malaysia.  
Nadi-Ayu Technologies Sdn. Bhd. envisions producing globally recognised products for the education industry, and strives to gain a global presence while remaining competitive and sustainable through the infusion of innovative and creative technologies in solving problems faced by stakeholders in the education sector.

Nadi-Ayu aims to merge its expertise in hardware and software development in producing premier educational solutions trusted by institutions, teachers, students and parents throughout the world.  

The company strives to be the accepted standard or benchmark within the global education space.						


Nadira Yusoff - Malaysia's own Bill Gates



Enthusiastic gamer. Devoted daughter. Electronic engineer. Doting mother. Tech company CEO.

While most folk may lay claim to two or maybe three of the above descriptions, Nadira Yusoff is one of the lucky few people who can proudly say she fits all five categories.

Maybe her enthusiasm and ability to juggle these radically different roles boils down to her life motto, which is to live like there is no tomorrow.

Whatever it is, Nadira is making waves and generating buzz for the awesome work she, through her company Nadi-Ayu Technologies, is doing.

Established by her father in 1991, Nadi-Ayu Technologies started off in the marketing and advertising business. By the year 2000, it jumped onto the ICT revolution that was sweeping Malaysia. Nadira, who took over in 2002, put her engineering background to good use by steering the company fully into the ICT sector.

Ten years later, Nadi-Ayu is a full-fledged operator in the local market, providing both hardware and software solutions to its users. Its’ wide range of products include PCs, laptops and tablets (under the Natsys™ brand) as well as educational software applications like its Morrieland™ Children’s Edutainment series.

Its partners and customers include the likes of Microsoft, Intel and the Ministry of Education. The family business Nadira’s father started in 1991 today employs around 40 staff.

Life, as Nadira sees it, is about taking chances. She wants to make an impact; to leave a legacy and to inspire.

And yet, a strong dose of realism runs through her lofty ambitions. Dream big, she says, but start small.

“If people tell you your idea is crazy, it’s because they cannot see the potential. Be realistic, be prepared, stay hungry,” is her advice.

Nadira’s ‘crazy idea’ right now is to take the Natsys™ and the Morrieland™ brands global. She wants to launch yet another product, called Learning Devices, next year and she wants to launch it at the ‘homeland’ of all things tech – Silicon Valley.

Ultimately, her vision is to merge Nadi-Ayu Technologies’ hardware and software expertise to produce premier educational content that is trusted by institutions, teachers, students and parents around the world and she wants these products to be the benchmark within the global education space.

Her biggest challenge is one that many entrepreneurs face – to obtain enough funds to sustain her company throughout the product development period as well as to finance marketing, sales and promotional activities.

Admirably, Nadi-Ayu has managed to survive almost entirely on its own income streams so far; bar a grant they received to develop Morrieland™. Nadira says it’s not easy though, with words like ‘prudence’ and ‘sacrifice’ often winning out over ‘luxury’ and ‘celebration’.

Still, the payoffs make all of it worth it. Nadira says ‘giving birth’ to Natsys™ and Morrieland™ and watching them grow and reach thousands of people make her feel like a proud mother.

The awards have come too. Nadi-Ayu Technologies won the Most Innovative Company Award at the NEF-Awani ICT Awards earlier this year, while Natsysâ„¢ won the Best Local Brand at the HWM Awards last year. 

“Going to the stage to receive the awards were sentimental moments to me, because I know exactly what we went through before being recognised,” Nadira says.