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Malaysian Agri Hi-Tech Sdn. Bhd. (MAH) was incorporated in 1996 to commercialise Arbuscular Myccorhizal Fungi discovered at a local university. Today, MAH is part of Myagri, a group of biotechnology companies promoting microbial-based Green Biosciences Technologies and Solutions for Agricultural and Environmental Sector. Myagri owns two bio-manufacturing facilities in Negeri Sembilan and Selangor and one research and development facility in Indonesia.

Myagri Eco-Biosciences SdnBhd (MEB) is the holding company that takes care of the Corporate and Financial management of the Group. Myagri comprises the following subsidiaries:-

Malaysian Agri Hi-Tech Sdn Bhd (MAH), Malaysian Agri Care Sdn Bhd (MAC), Myagri Nutribio Sdn Bhd (MAN), Myagri IQ Resources Sdn Bhd (MIQ) and PT Myagri Nusantara (PTMN).

Industry : Biotech

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

Myagri was incorporated in 1996 when it started to commercialise Arbuscular Myccorhizal Fungi in Malaysia. 
The company is committed in providing effective and efficient products and services that are successfully commercialised from Myagri R&D team. 
Myagri’s products have received certification and awards at both local and international events and have strong collaborations with local institutions such as the Malaysian Palm oil Board (MPOB), Malaysian Nuclear Agency, SIRIM; and foreign organisations such as the Commonwealth Agriculture Bureau International (CABI) UK, AgResearch, New Zealand, Chungbuk National University, South Korea and Universitas Lampung, Indonesia.  

Myagri envisions being a leader in Green Biosciences Technology for sustainable environmental and agriculture management who produces generic beneficial microbes and specialised microbes.  						


Environment Friendly Agriculture for the World



All across the world, people are becoming increasingly aware of the need for renewable and sustainable practices in the agriculture industry. This includes using bio-based agriculture products, particularly fertilisers and pesticides that are as effective as chemicals, but are healthier for the environment. Unfortunately, most of the farming practices in Malaysia still rely heavily on chemical-based products and procedures, which are neither safe for agricultural workers nor the environment.


Fortunately, Myagri has the answer. The company, which specialises in Green Biosciences Technology, aims to implement environment-friendly agricultural practices and biotechnology products that will improve crop productivity, land rehabilitation and bio-remediation of wastes. These homegrown products and services were developed internally and thanks to Myagri’s own research and development efforts, each one has been successfully commercialised and put to good use out in the field.


Throughout Malaysia, oil palm plantations, paddy fields, fruit orchards and other cash crops are benefiting from Myagri’s range of premium biotechnology products. This includes: MYCOgold®, a root enhancer; TRICHOgold®, a plant defense booster, MYCOblend®, a semi-organic fertiliser, aGricare® Premium Compost, a premium-grade compost, aGricare® BIO-ORGANIK, a bio-organic fertiliser, D’Comp Bio-plus, a bio-organic decomposer and METAXORB®, a bio-pesticide. Enriched with beneficial microbes such as Mycorrhiza, Trichoderma sp., Metarhizium sp. and Bacillus sp., these are no ordinary green bioscience products. In fact, they work as effective solutions for bigger problems.


To harness the goodness of these beneficial microbes, Myagri uses three main microbial production technologies — liquid fermentation, solid substrate fermentation and root culture technology. Since each of these methods is backed by solid science, it’s no surprise that Myagri’s products have received certification and awards both locally and abroad. Additionally, Myagri has successfully forged strong collaborations with local institutions such as the Malaysian Palm oil Board (MPOB), the Malaysian Nuclear Agency and SIRIM (Malaysia’s global research and standards organization), as well as foreign organisations such the Commonwealth Agriculture Bureau International (CABI), UK; AgResearch, New Zealand; Chungbuk National University, South Korea and Universitas Lampung, Indonesia.


Though Myagri faces direct competition from local rivals within the industry, the company proudly stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of providing technology-backed products and services. Their customers are mainly plantation corporations such as LKPP Corporations Sdn. Bhd., Kreatif Selaras Sdn. Bhd., Felda Trading Sdn. Bhd., TDM Plantations Sdn. Bhd. and Felcra Berhad. Some of these companies have used Myagri products since 2007. Felcra Berhad, for one, has only positive things to say about Myagri’s MYCOgold, stating, “The oil palm trees’ growth was very encouraging. The signs of restoration were visible with the existence of new young shoots. We are very pleased with the MYCOgold fertilizer.”


As a local SME producing green bioscience products and services, Myagri truly understands the challenges of the industry. The team at Myagri has managed to change old mindsets as well as establish positive, new regimes and farming practices. Their emphasis is on promoting and educating their clients and also on collaborating with them in product testing and trials.


Though Myagri has faced numerous setbacks and obstacles with relation to technology, finance, production, operations, as well as sales and marketing, they have not weakened their resolve to advocate green bioscience, which is still relatively new in Malaysia. As global market trends encourage more Malaysian growers to adopt a more environment-friendly, integrated approach to agriculture, Myagri is right there beside them, ready to help reduce their dependency on chemical-based products and shatter misconceptions on green agricultural practices.