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Industry : Biotech

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

MCI Biopeptide, which was incorporated in 2005, focuses on producing bio active peptide and has a first-in-the-world exclusive technology in R&D for palm peptide. 
The company wants to establish a franchising business model to ensure the reach and availability of their range of products to the mass market at an affordable price.
MCI Biopeptide aims to position the company as the leading global palm peptide producer. 
MCI was an acronym for Malay, Chinese and Indian, which reflects the true Malaysian identity.						


Bio active peptide for wellness



MCI Bio-Peptide Sdn. Bhd. produces bio active peptide. After 6 years of extensive and intensive R&D, they had their breakthrough in 2005 whereby through fermentation processing and the use of enzymes, which was adjusted, improvised and fine-tuned to suit the raw material, palm peptide which is high in Arginine was produced.

The easily digested protein gives the consumers general wellness and better lifestyle conditions especially for those who suffer from diabetes.  Protein/amino acids deficiency arising from compromised protein disgestion/absorption can cause this disease.

Their niche market which is palm peptide is new even though peptide has been in the market for the last 10 years.  Due to this, plans are already laid out to embark on various promotional activities to advertise their product.

The targeted clientele are functional food/ beverage and wellness practitioners as intermediaries and consumers who desire to improve their general wellness and lifestyle conditions.  For now their biggest client is PT BAE Orbit Senusantara in Indonesia. 

While their initial R&D was to search for a sustainable and commercially feasible protein source, their discovery of palm peptide was amazing.  The additional encouraging factor about their R&D was their process which has the ability to produce this product in abundance and sustainable supply. But they need additional funds to be pumped in to expand their hardware.  The current income in the global market is in the region on USD$800million with an annual growth of 10-12%.   MCI Bio-peptide needs to be able to offer competitive pricing to become the leader in market.