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IDOTTV is one of the leading solution and content providers in Malaysia. It has received numerous awards for its innovation and leadership:

  • Pioneered the Airtime Share (ATS) with telcos.
  • The only Green Billing in Malaysia and Asia - A mobile billing solution.
  • The fully Syariah compliant Tawarruq trading platform for personal financing in Malaysia.
Industry : Mobile Applications, E-Commerce, Telecommunications
Because we’d like to IDOTTV creates amazing products that work as solutions and services using cutting edge mobile technology. IDOTTV's ultimate vision is to create and deploy tons of great products, transcending geographical boundaries and used by generations to come.

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

IDOTTV was established in 2004, inspired by the growing number of mobile phone users and astounding potential in the industry. 
IDOTTV own a list of proprietary, in-house R&D, enterprise mobile solutions such as Greenbilling, Cell Broadcast, Celcom Airtime Request & Transfer and Robi Axiata Quickshare.						


Across Geographical Boundaries and Generation Gaps



Technology is meant to make our lives simpler and if it can help us save time and money too — well, that just makes it even better! Recognising the importance of catering to customers and placing a premium on their satisfaction, IDOTTV developed a range of integrated mobile technology solutions that are not only fast, easy and user-friendly but enriches lives as well.


The company’s current core products are Green Billing, As-Sidq and Airtime Transfer Solutions (ATS). So what do these products do? Well, let’s start with Green Billing.


Picture this: it’s the end of the month and a telecommunications, utilities company and bank issues your bills and sends them to you by mail. When the bills reach your mailbox, you will have to take the time and trouble to manually sort them out before paying. With IDOTTV’s Green Billing, however, once a bill is generated, you receive it immediately on your mobile phone. This allows you to pay your bills on the go, saving you time, cost and resources.


Another ingenious core product from IDOTTV is As-Sidq — an International Syariah-compliant Tawarruq trading platform for personal financing in Malaysia. Currently, it takes days to buy or sell commodities and the akad has to be made via phone calls. With As-Sidq, however, the buying and selling of commodities for Islamic-based financing disbursement cuts through time consuming procedures and allows customers to receive their money in less than 24 hours.


IDOTTV’s third core product, the ATS, is related to mobile prepaid airtime. This smart, simple solution automates the buying and selling of mobile prepaid airtime, allowing mobile users to transfer airtime credit via SMS in less than 30 seconds.


It’s not just IDOTTV’s products that are impressive, their client list reads like a who’s who of prestigious names in various sectors. At present, the company’s corporate clients include banks like: RHB Islamic, MBSB and AFFIN Islamic, telcos like DiGi, Maxis and Celcom, media outlets like TV1, TV2, TV3, NTV7, NSTP and SINAR, as well as government agencies. There’s no doubt that these clients are a group of happy customers as ATS is the number one value-added service for CELCOM and thanks to IDOTTV’s As-Sidq, RHB bank has won several awards, such as the SUKUK Summit and KLIFF Islamic Finance Awards.

When it comes to expansion and future plans, the team at IDOTTV are looking at the the estimated 5.9 billion mobile device users around the world, a sizable market to say the least. Based on expert projections, it is clear that this market will continue to grow. Although they realise that there is fierce competition from overseas rivals, IDOTTV is confident that their in-depth understanding of what users look for in products and services will continue to set them apart.


With a list of renowned clients and award-winning achievements under their belt, the team is proud of the fact that they have successfully utilised core, in-house technologies to make themselves the only player in the “fulfilment industry.” However, despite these accomplishments they have no plans to stop.


The company’s ultimate vision? To create, IP protection and deploy a wide variety of incredible products and services that transcend not only geographical boundaries but generational gaps.