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One Hydro Sdn. Bhd designs and manufactures affordable, reliable hydro turbines using a unique, patented technology. These special turbines are able to convert the same amount of natural water resources used by an average turbine into far more power. One Hydro’s remarkable turbines were created because of two crucial principles: an ongoing dedication to developing green technology and a strong inventive instinct that inspires the desire to improve and innovate existing products. The company’s big dream is to make these groundbreaking hydro turbines globally available by licensing their product to established companies, which have a strong commitment to green technology. 

Industry : Greentech

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

We design and manufacture hydro turbines sized between 5kW to 10MW using our patented technology. This special technology enables our hydro turbines to efficiently and effectively harness natural water resources to create electricity. Our hydro turbines have been proven to provide consistent, reliable, environment-friendly power. 						


Lighting Up The World With Green Energy



Kasim Ali, founder of One Hydro, isn’t shy about his love for green technology. Back in 2000, he concluded that the most viable green technology in Malaysia is hydro technology, and so he set himself on the path to generating sustainable energy. His aspirations were given a boost when the Malaysian government developed special incentives for entrepreneurs dabbling in green technology. This fortuitous turn of events made it possible for Kasim to get a power purchase contract, and he and his consultant friends decided to concentrate on hydro.


However, Kasim soon realised that his hydro consultancy, despite its notable achievements, wouldn’t be quite enough to get him the kind of success he dreamed of. One Hydro needed to have a great product to offer clients so Kasim and his team decided to manufacture high-quality hydro turbines. However, this idea was soon put to the test. The team discovered that, in order to be a considered a serious player in the industry, One Hydro would have to acquire not one, but five technologies —each with its own set of limitations.


Eventually, the cost of acquiring the technology prevented them from proceeding with the original plan. This was when Kasim realized that he would have to develop his own technology if he hoped to make it in the business but he had no idea what that would be. It was at this point that Kasim decided to return to the method that had never failed him before — he decided to pray. Soon enough, the answer was revealed to him and he was even blessed with newfound inner drive. The push was so strong that he was prepared to spend his life savings on the idea!


Kasim immediately began turning his inspiration into a cutting-edge turbine prototype  but lack of funds was a huge problem. Just as things seemed particularly bleak, he heard about the CRADLE Fund an agency under the Ministry of Finance Malaysia that supports budding technology entrepreneurs. The application took no time at all, and Kasim was confident his application would be approved. He was right! Armed with a RM150,000 grant, the team began working in earnest and soon created thousands of drawings and designs.


With unrelenting drive, determination and inspiration, Kasim and his team completed the prototype and conducted tests in less than 12 months. The test results proved very encouraging, and the prototype outperformed most existing micro hydro turbines on the market. From then on, Kasim decided to pursue turbine manufacturing as a business and sought to improve the design even further.


On his journey to success, some friends turned into investors, some contributed ideas and others, unfortunately, tried to stand in the way. However, all things considered, One Hydro managed to produce a highly versatile and efficient turbine. For Kassim, it is heartening to see how much his turbines have improved people’s lives.  He has literally brought light into homes that didn’t have electricity, and the energy produced is also reliable and free of pollution or noise.


Ultimately, One Hydro seeks to be the leading provider of small hydro technology to the world. In a year’s time they hope to have a good enough track record in Malaysia to be ready to go global. In 3 years, they want to secure several overseas hydro projects and in 5 years, they want to have a proven track record and be firmly on the path to becoming a true global player. In 10 years, they want to be the preferred worldwide supplier of hydro technology.


When asked who he admires most in the business world, Kasim chooses the late Akio Morita, co-founder of Sony Corporation and an engineer like himself. Morito’s idea and vision of a corporation that thrives on innovative products, rather than just services or gimmicks, truly inspires Kassim.


It has certainly been a long and difficult road to success, but Kasim has survived it all thanks to the support of friends, an incredible team and especially his loving wife and children. The common love for green technology has also earned him good friends, from funders, to clients and suppliers. This is very much in line with Kasim’s favourite saying by Prophet Muhammad, “The best of people are those who bring benefit to people.”