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Industry : Enterprise Software, SaaS-based Services, Electronics
Because we’d like to With a cost effete web-based software runs on open source platform, has captured some branded customers in a few industries including computer / phone retailers, furniture shops, shows / footwear company, florist, etc.

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

Business Process Re-Engineering
ERP Software Project Implementation
ERP Software Training
Software Development
Information Technology Consulting
Big Data Analytics
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Wavelet Management Suite

Wavelet Solution Sdn Bhd is a privately held software house established in Singapore in year 2002. In year 2003, Wavelet Solutions Sdn Bhd was formed to capture the Malaysian market. Wavelet has been the leading Open Source ERP Software Provider in South East Asia since its inception, especially in the niche market of chain-store and franchises. Its core product is Wavelet Management Suite (Wavelet MS), a.k.a. "Enterprise Management Portal (EMP)". 

         Wavelet is a full Open Source Business Solutions company, having a complete range of product and services from Enterprise Resource Planning, Content Management Software, Linux System Administration, Network Security Services, Intranet Applications and open source software business consulting. To date, Wavelet has been providing its support and services to companies from SME/SMB to MNC in Singapore and many states in Malaysia. With the combined expertise in franchises, chain-store, accounting, retail operations, logistics and information technology.

           Wavelet MS is the financial application that supports all back-office and business processes across the entire company. Wavelet MS includes financial accounting, financial management, supply chain, inventory management, order management, shipping and fulfillment, employee management, customer loyalty program, point of sales, warranty, logistics, business intelligence, e-commerce and more.


  1. Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership

    Businesses running on Wavelet MS reports more than 50% cost savings as compared to running their old on-premise systems. Wavelet MS eliminates costly upgrades, expensive infrastructure and onerous maintenance

  2. Optimized Cash Flow and Inventory

    With your front and back office processes integrated on a real time basis, processes from order to delivery and subsequently collection could be accelerated. It helps you to save costs, improve speed and optimize inventory holding.

  3. Eliminate the need for Data Synchronization

    Many businesses suffer due to problems having the latest data synchronized correctly while some face challenges of latency.

  4. A Real-Time, Comprehensive View of Your Business

    With our matrix-reporting format, you get a complete summary and detailed view of finance, sales, inventory, orders, and other vital statistics at your fingertips.

  5. Supports Your Distributed Organization

    With Wavelet MS, you get anytime, anywhere secure browser-based access, so your employees can work the way they want using a PC, MAC, Ipad, Iphone and Android.

  6. Multi-company, Multi-branch in a Single Database

    Cross company business processes at a breeze, consolidated account receivable for optimal credit exposure, cost allocation to the branches for the better analysis.

  7. Cloud Based Software as a Service (SAAS)

    Wavelet MS runs on MAXIS Cloud for better scalability, reliability and stability. Businesses cloud reduce cost with our licensing model base on the number of branches and the cloud server specifications (unlimited users licenses). There's no upfront CAPEX, you get to enjoy computing on demand and you get things up and running faster.

  8. GST Ready

    Our system has been tested and certified by Royale Customs Malaysia, and graded A (Advanced) during the certification process. This also means that you not worry on investing on a software that may not compliant when you need the advanced features and functions like mixed supplies, input tax recoverable ratio, annual adjustment, TX-RE tax code etc.

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