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Industry : Internet, Social Media, E-Commerce
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Our Core Product(s) / Solution

At Zyra Networks, we have a single, true focus: helping online entrepreneurs succeed. With the massive usage of social media as a main visual marketing tool, our core product - INSTTORE is a social commerce solution that simplifies the selling process on Instagram by instantly transforming posts into purchasable products.						


Insttore - Selling on Instagram Just Got Easier!

Zaireen and Kyra got together in 2009 to start an E-commerce site ZYRA, selling women apparel. Having to work full-time and running Zyra on the side, both of them learned first hand of the struggles and common problems faced by online sellers.

They were both determined to help other small businesses and come up with a more efficient way to sell online. Observing the current trend, they realised that a lot of busineses were using Instagram as a tool to promote and sell their products online. Because Instagram is only a photo sharing tool, sellers were still selling their products manually; taking orders through email/Whatsapp and getting payment through manual bank transfers.

With this, the idea of Insttore was born. Helping to fill in the gap between social media and e-commerce, Insttore provides online sellers an easy way to sell products online just by uploading product photos on Instagram. This will automatically push the products onto an E-commerce site. Sellers save a lot of time as they do not have to use another e-commerce system or app -- perfect for those who are not so tech savvy.

Being women entrepreneurs themselves, Zaireen and Kyra (Zyra) have a soft spot with helping other women with their online businesses and hope that Insttore would help them be more effienct and successful.