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Industry : Greentech, Engineering
Because we’d like to We are looking for potential investors who would like to invest in our start up and ready to grow with us exponentially in the region. Our technology is proven with official test results & have patent pending status in 6 countries. Let's hook up!

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

Kineflux is an ODM that focuses in the automotive green technology landscape.  We offer an innovative, proven and patented concept that our invention will help our customers to reduce their OPEX in their daily consumption of their fuel management besides offering a cleaner and better combustion to the engine.						


Kineflux AIC (Active Intercooler)

Kineflux’s AIC (Active Intercooler)  technology innovates the intercooler cooling technology by using a system to collect the cold condensate from the car air conditioner system, and then circulate this unused refrigerant to the “Active intercooler” to cool down the induction hot air passing through the AIC intercooler. The cold condensate from the car air conditioner is at a much lower temperature than the ambient air in the engine compartment, and it does not require any additional cooling system. With the much colder refrigerant, the induction air heat is removed quickly, and the air is denser, contain richer oxygen that help to achieve complete combustion of the fuel in the combustion chamber leading to better efficiency and performance.

Kineflux’s AIC technology can be applied to both turbo-charged and standard engines.

News & Views

Testing of Kineflux AIC by Automotive Development Center, witnessed by SIRIM