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Industry : Enterprise Software
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Our Core Product(s) / Solution

Prestige Atlantic Asia Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2010 as a software development company to develop and market business solutions for paper and packaging industry. The mission of the company was to help the industry to gain strategic advantages through high technology business solutions. Since its inception, the company has proven installations sites in ASEAN region. 						


Tailor-Made Solutions for Paper and Packaging Businesses

Our solutions are specifically designed into a standard solution that caters specifically to paper and packaging businesses. Tailor-made precisely for this niche industry, these vertical business solutions helpyou manage your processes from start to end, thus boosting effciency, optimizing processes and maximiing value. Being fully adaptable to your specific business demands, they give you the strategic advantage you need. 

There are five products that Prestige Atlantic Asia offers to its customers. The core product is CPS/Enterprise, a system that allows customer to run and track order from estimation, quotation, order, planning, manufacturing, inventory, logistic, quality defects right down to accounting. In short, it is all about giving control to customers.

Another core product is the CPS Cloud One. It is the first state-of-the-art cloud compuuting in South East Asia and the most complete solution-in-a-box set to revolutionise the way one runs his Corrugating Converting Business. CPS Cloud is powered by the most reliable and trustworthy HP integrity enterprise servers and HP-UX operating system.

Other products include:

Pmix/3 - an Enterprise Business Solution designed specifically for Paper Mills Manufacturing

e-Green - an Enterprise Business Solution designed specifically for Waste Recycling Manufacturing

retail eXpert - a revolutionary distribution and retail-end business software for books, stationeries, paper-based stationery products, paper bags, educatonal products, etc.

The services of Prestige Atlantic Asia follow a strict protocol that ensures implementation is flawless. The first stage (Engage, Access, Domain Expertise) allows one to diagnose the problem to solve. The second stage (Planning, Design, Implement) sees the company working closely with customers to begin fixing problems. The third stage (Production, Project Support) is where Prestige Atlantic Asia continues to enhance value, while the final stage (Improve) ensures the company keeps improving continuously.