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Industry : Mobile Applications, Mobile Technologies, Digital Services
Because we’d like to Collaborate in different industry and leverage on different segment communities. In order to expand widely, the parallel support required with symmetric cooperation.

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

Our core product was to provide street parking payment services for public and authority. We provide motorist with the instant status of the parking schedule, rates and auto define the local authority wherever you go, provide user with cutting hassles, convenient, fast and safety when parking in the street. 						


ParkBox - Street Parking Payment Apps

Founded by Malaysian, ParkBox selected in Stanford Go2Market program conducted by Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC) and Silicon Valley Stanford University.

ParkBox is a Malaysian startup that aims to revitalize the street and private parking industry. We improve the conveniently and effectively of street parking payment services by leveraging on advancements in mobile integrated technology and GPS. As a social IoT, we believe that social value and business can be achieved in parallel.

Motorists (you and me) are facing problems on obtaining the parking ticket/coupon while parking at the street of cities, hassle of topping up, extending has to go to the ground, distance to the machine, wondering where to buy coupon and complexity of scratch. It worsens the situation when you are in hurry to park during bad weather and especially the machine goes faulty or coupon store from the far. On the other hand, higher cost involve in the local authority and the manual way of verification by officer. Public and authority are impact by the various constraints.

To resolve the above issues, ParkBox innovated an automated smartphone street parking payment apps to benefit 3 key stakeholders:


Users are primarily looking for greater hassle free, fast, convenience and safety. ParkBox hopes to offer both e.g. Greater motorist convenience will be achieved by saved more time (from 12 to 1 min) and avoid unrealized expired parking session. ParkBox also increases safety perceptions by perform the parking session inside the car or places are crowded.


ParkBox offers a cost-effective technology that provides a differentiating factor to increase receivable for management, a solution to the recent public and government scrutiny due to the street parking issues on high operation cost, machine breakdown and heavy papers printing.


The ParkBox platform will enable officer to ease identify the car status by accurately verify thru application with more transparent and efficient response algorithm.

News & Views

Finalist - 2015 MSC Malaysia APICTA Awards.