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Veriva Systems Sdn Bhd


COMPLIANT. PROVEN. RESILIENT. Veriva Call Recording System is designed for the financial trading and contact centre industry. Trusted by top local banks. Nationwide support network. With a proven track record and a team with more than 50 years of combined technical experience and expertise, our customers have since been relying on the Veriva Call Recording System to secure their business.

Wavelet Solutions Sdn Bhd

Enterprise Software,
SaaS-based Services,

Business Process Re-Engineering ERP Software Project Implementation ERP Software Training Software Development Information Technology Consulting Big Data Analytics GAF to GST-03 convertor

Web Bytes Sdn Bhd

SaaS-based Services

We offer an innovative, effective and easy-to-use cloud-based Retail Management Solution for retail enterprises. Xilnex, a hybrid online and offline application, is designed to be a perfect, practical solution as it fits the retail industry’s need for a solution that can meet both online and offline requirements.

Worthy Book

Mobile Applications,
Food and Beverage,

1. Worthy Book F&B Edition 2. Worthy Book Ladies Edition 3. Corporate Loyalty & Rewards

XCN Technology Sdn Bhd


XCN Technology Sdn. Bhd. (XCN) was incorporated in 2002 with the objective of developing an incineration technology that can treat highly moist Asian waste. The company designs, develops, constructs and markets waste-to-energy incineration systems for solid waste disposal. The company built its pilot incineration plant in 2004 . Their vision is to be a market leader in the incineration industry in Malaysia and envisage themselves as a regional player within the next three to five years given their ability to treat the unique naturet of Asian waste.

Y Us Sdn Bhd

Enterprise Software,
SaaS-based Services

Y Us Sdn Bhd is a company that simplifies and automates day-to-day operational processes and activities. Our maiden product is Evenesis, a complete end-to-end event management system. It is a comprehensive tool and platform that covers the pre, on-the-day and post processes for event organizers and planners.



YJACK is a new invention for the construction industry. It is an apparatus for static bi-directional pile load test, suitable for all types of piles and sizes, ranging from small driven piles to large bored piles as well as API-micro piles and offshore piles using autoYJACK. It is an alternative test method, by far the best cost-saving (30% - 50%) and time-saving (from 10 days to 1 day in preparation) pile test compared to conventional methods using kentledge blocks or anchor piles. It also radically reduces critical path in pile testing program, besides environmental green and safe. It is WIPO/PCT international patent pending presently. The core technology of YJACK is a flat jack. It is most suited for use in bi-directional pile test, with cheaper cost and better performance. In short, YJACK is: a. Versatile and heavy duty b. Light weight and mobility c. Fast and easy installation d. Flat and large area

YToday Sdn Bhd

Creative Content,

Global Sponsorship and Event Matching Platform for Youth And Brands

Zyra Networks


At Zyra Networks, we have a single, true focus: helping online entrepreneurs succeed. With the massive usage of social media as a main visual marketing tool, our core product - INSTTORE is a social commerce solution that simplifies the selling process on Instagram by instantly transforming posts into purchasable products.